Welcome! If you’ve followed my blog and noticed the transition into Faithfully Me, Welcome Back and thank you for being SO loyal to me as I have struggled to figure out my voice as a blogger and just exactly what I want to do. This 2019 has been so hectic and I just knew that being self-named wasn’t what I was going for. The original reason my blog was “Kayla H. Cao” was because I couldn’t ever find a name that would stick and I didn’t really know what the ‘purpose’ was going to be hence all the different categories. I LOVE Fashion, Food, Faith, and Philanthropy because well, those are four words that explain my life. Launching the blog, learning to code, edit, and take pictures has been so stressful and overwhelming, so that really caused the ‘break’ as I was evolving in life. There’s so much going on that I would love to share, but I run into walls because I have the four MAIN categories, so I’m constantly trying to fit my thoughts into a box and if anyone knows me, you know…Kayla has NEVER and will NEVER fit in a box! [face palm]. I think I want to get rid of "Fun” and just add Freedom because there are moments where I want to talk about relationship problems, school, friendships, etc. and I find myself constantly having to edit those posts to make it fit into faith and then it just feels and sounds ‘manufactured’. Freedom goes with my theme of doves that coincide with the Bible meaning of peace. The goal of my blog is not perfection, I think that was the toughest pill to swallow…I can’t afford a million dollar camera, I am not always traveling, so I won’t have the best quality or the most ‘instagramable’ photos, but as long as I’m sharing from my heart, I’m doing what I was purposed for. The goal is no longer the most ‘perfect’ blog…the goal is for everyday people like you and I to read and get a laugh or learn a lesson from my crazy stories. Welcome to my life. This is authentically ME.