chapter three

hi…I’m feeling a lot better, recovering..umm I was driving today and listening to my normal station, KSBJ in Houston which is 89.3 and I heard Tauren Wells’ song, God’s Not Done…I felt like it was the first time I heard it (it wasn’t) I knew all the lyrics, but I connected with it on this level that I just can’t explain or describe. I felt like this is what God was telling me. This past month (or two rather lol) has been crazy, I never thought anything that happened could’ve ever happened. Not in a million years, but it happened and there were days where I shut the door and just didn’t wanna get out of bed…I keep telling people this, but the only way to describe my situation was, I woke up and tried so hard to go back to sleep because I thought if I went back to sleep, I could wake up from this nightmare without. I called my friends, I had my coach speaking life into me and for the first time I questioned God. I was so anxious, I was so broken and I was completely lost. The healing process is just beginning, but I feel good. I’m writing this for starters, so progress is being made and I feel the presence of God. My favorite lines from the song is “There's a light you don't notice, until you're standing in the dark, and there's a strength that's growing inside your shattered heart”. There’s so much that’s easier said than done. Healing, growing, and moving forward…the past month has been me attempting to quickly put a bandage on whatever I was feeling, so I could get back to where I was at, but God made me uncomfortable, he forced me to live my life. Let go of everything and trust Him. This was a part of His plan and I couldn’t fight it.

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