Miaokou Street Market

Miaokou Street Market

So I decided to be more creative and less ‘boring’ that I’d name outfits and that would inspire the look and post.

This look is called Miaokou Street Market and this is the name of a night/street market in Taiwan which is a super popular tourist attraction in many Asian countries. A street market is a place where [mostly, but not limited to] food vendors come together in an open street or courtyard area and serve specialty food and drink items at their stall. This is an inexpensive way for people to experience multiple authentic dishes at once.

P.S. If you watched Crazy Rich Asians, the scene when Rachel and Nick first landed in Singapore and ate food is a GREAT example of what a street/night market is like…and if you haven’t, I’ll attach a clip below.

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A New Day Fitted White V-Neck: $5.00

I LOVE this Target find…I’m wearing a size Small which is perfectly fitted and they stretch, but if you’d like a looser fit…Size up! This is one of my favorite shirts because it’s so simple yet inexpensive and will literally go with anything!

ALDO Stessy Pumps: $80.00

These are my FAVORITE Pumps, but they’re the most uncomfortable lol…I have really wide feet so that’s pretty expected, but it sucks because I want to throw these on with EVERY. SINGLE. OUTFIT. They’re super affordable and remind me of the CL So Kate pumps without the red bottoms of course!

Old Navy Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny Raw-Edge Ankle Jeans for Women: $28.00

Okay I’m not sure if these are the EXACT ones but I’m pretty sure they are and let me tell you…these are my favorite jeans. They’re so soft and sooooo comfortable, they literally feel like leggings…The best part is they do not cost an arm and a leg and to be really honest, they feel pretty close to my seven’s.


Okay this bag is EVEERRRYTTHHING! It is so simple, yet it ties any outfit together and can make an outfit go from night too day. If anyone knows me, they know how much I HATE Crossbody’s and small bags, but this is just right. This is one of the only bags I would ever wear that is ‘small’.

Scene from Crazy Rich Asians:

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Purposeful Jewelry

Purposeful Jewelry