I just started this my thoughts section in the blog and to be quite honest, I have no clue where this is going to lead. The constant pressure to curate the ‘perfect’ content, the pressure and guilt of not being able to provide any aid sucks. It has not only taken my mind, it’s taken my blog, my brand. Instead of a focus on good content, it was constant ‘share, share, share’. Should I only share affiliations? NO. I started this blog to have a voice. I wanted to create a community where everyone connected and became family, but instead, I got myself caught up in those voices in my head, the ones from others and I’ve created this blog where I stopped talking and just started selling. I promoted products I used and thought that was enough, but content? who? where? no where to be found. When I said I was lost a few posts ago, I don’t think it really sunk it. I still smiled and pretended I knew exactly what I was doing, but the truth is…I have no clue at all. I just know I have to redo this. I have to go back to square one and remember exactly why I started…not for money, not for views, but for a VOICE.

I love y’all. See you around here soon!